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Symphony is a Talent Management System creating a culture of ownership that engages every employee as a stake holder in the agency's success by implementing a performance based compensation plan.

Culture of ownership results when a vital workforce is created by a clear leadership strategy aligning compensation with how your agency does business. This goal relies on "line of sight" so that all employees understand how their job impacts agency growth as well as the success of their coworkers.


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Top professionals in every industry understand the importance of continuing education and learning in order to ensure their personal and professional growth.

Live virtual workshops include Microsoft Word, Excel and Outlook as well as staff and leadership development classes.


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Over 33% of the brain's resources are dedicated to processing visual information from the world around us. Our collection of motivational plaques support the culture of ownership created by a commitment to cultivate top talent. They are also being used by agency owners to prompt discussion in staff meetings as staff share how their plaque has encouraged, empowered or sparked creative ideas. Staff rotate the plaques monthly so everyone gets to have each of the plaques at their desk during the year.

Web Banners

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Digital marketing is essential for communicating your message; and the key to digital marketing success is establishing a unique and identifiable brand for your agency. Ben feldman, who wrote over 1.5 Billion in life insurance is quoted saying that a "disturbing question" is the key to any effective sales conversation. These innovative and unique web banners pose such a "disturbing question" increasing your digital marketing presence.


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