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"Thank you Jane. I have to say, I REALLY liked meeting and exceeding the KPI goals. It really has given me a sense of pride to work hard and overcome change. I thought the goals were "challenging" in some areas and I was determined to meet them. I actually really liked the progress."

"Even though I was getting frustrated at the weak part of my sales ability, it made me try harder and really pay attention to what I was doing and how I was doing it. I hope everyone gets to their goal so they can feel the reward."

Angel Cook, Agent - Florida

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) are objective, measurable and attainable business drivers that empower staff and management to monitor and continually improve performance and goals.

KPIs drive staff engagement and agency profitability by creating a culture of focused, purpose driven behavior that directs the actions of all staff and management towards common goals and achievements. Because everyone is on the same page, each agency has the ability to identify achievements to be celebrated and challenges that need to be overcome.


Real-Time Metrics

KPIs provide real-time business tools to measure and monitor performance providing both staff and management the opportunity to identify strengths and shortcomings on a daily, weekly and monthly basis.

Many agencies live in "crisis" mode where everything is "hot" and "high priority", which creates stress for staff. KPIs provide focus and purpose during the day which empowers staff and management to measure success fairly and objectively.


Value of Benchmarking

Benchmarking has become more and more important for all businesses. The ability to compare performance with other agencies provides the opportunity to differentiate as well as learn from the successes and failure of other agencies.

In order for benchmarking to be effective, metrics must have a common language and definition and KPIs provide a reference point on which to grow.


Objective Job Descriptions

KPIs are the perfect tool to focus on the "position" rather than the "person" when creating and managing job titles and positions. Standardizing performance is essential for monitoring and improving every position in the agency.

By creating objective KPIs that have standard definitions and measurements, staff feel they are treated fairly because each person must fulfill the requirements of their job description in order to receive the benefits of their position.


New Hires

Finding potential new employees is only half the challenge; owners need a way to quickly and fairly determine if a new hire is the right person to fill the position.

By providing objective KPIs during a 90 day probation period, staff understand exactly what is required of them in their new position and management is able to objectively determine if the individual is the right person they want on their bus.

KPIs are not stretch goals trying to get people jumping through hoops.

The objective is to create a culture of Focused, Purpose Driven Attention

When driving, if you look to the passenger seat you will steer the car to the right.

In other words, Actions always follow Focus.

Symphony includes over 50 standard KPIs in a total of 10 categories.

The following examples show ideas for KPIs for various responsibilities:

Sales Process

  • Number of Auto Policies
  • Total Completed Quotes
  • Total Policies/Premium With Preferred Carrier
  • Amount of New Premium
  • Total Cold Calls

Account Development

  • Total Completed Account Reviews
  • Total Customer Testimonials
  • Total New Referrals
  • Cancellation Call Backs
  • Thank You Cards for New Business
  • Number of Customers Signed Up For EFT


  • Referrals to Life Quotes
  • Referrals to Personal Lines
  • Referrals to Commercial Lines
  • New Business With Multiple Departments

Social Media

  • Write Blogs
  • Publish Blogs
  • New LinkedIn Connections
  • Update Facebook

Policies & Procedures

  • Peer Evaluation
  • Accuracy & Timeliness Audit
    • Policy information matches management system.
    • Phone calls returned withing standard time.
    • Activities documented correctly in management system.
    • Compliance with agency dress code.
    • All new client information entered in management system


  • Balance General Ledger
  • Keep Accounts Payable Current

IT Department

  • Documenting All Hardware & Software including:
    • Serial numbers
    • Warranties
    • Configuration settings
    • Recommended replacement equipment
  • Managing All Licenses

Staff is assigned a total of 7 to 9 KPIs that define key behaviors for their specific job description.

Each KPI has a total Goal for the compensation period, such as a 12 month period.

Each KPi receives a Maximum Score based on its importance.

Each quarter, staff receive a Performance Evaluation Score based on the percentage of their goal that has been achieved.

  • Achieving 100% of the goal earns their Maximum Score
  • Achieving 90% of the goal earns 90% of their Maximum Score
  • Exceeding their goal earns their Maximum Score, because Symphony is not a bonus program, it is a compensation plan where achieving each KPI is a part of their job.

KPIs for a Personal Lines CSR might look something like the following:

Maximum Score
Collecting Email Addresses
Completed Account Reviews
Life Insurance Quotes
Accuracy & Timeliness Audit
Cost/Time Saving Ideas
New Premium
Asking for Customer Testimonials
Total Completed Quotes
Referrals to Commercial Lines













Staff receive their Performance Income based on their quarterly Performance Evaluation Score.

The reporting modulecalculates what staff earn each quarter and the goals are automatically adjusted each quarter allowing staff to make up lower scores in the next quarter.

Percentage of Performance Income
Total Performance Income Earned
Average Quarterly Performance Income Earned
75 to 84
85 to 89
90 to 94
95 to 100



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