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Talent Management is an integrated strategy combining technology, training and organization in order to attract, develop, motivate, and retain productive, engaged employees.

Traditional incentive plans, bonuses and sales tracking products are not enough to develop the culture of ownership that will differentiate your agency and drive your success beyond your goals. These tools are only effective when added to the foundation of a compensation plan that aligns staff performance and pay with key business drivers that clearly establish how everyone in your agency does business.

The key to successful Talent Management is attainable, measurable and objective Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). KPIs are behaviors and business drivers that steer your agency towards success. Learn more about KPIs



Symphony is not a "bonus" program, it is a "compensation" plan.

Engage staff with a "Responsibility" to do their job rather than an "Opportunity" to earn more money. Their job is to receive the full amount of their compensation.


Rewards & Risks

When the agency benefits from increased profitability, every stake holder also benefits from the growth.

Create stake holders by sharing both "Rewards"and "Risks" of agency growth. As a stake holder, staff are more engaged to work together so the agency grows.


Objective Goals

In order for staff to be successful by "hitting the bulls eye", they must be given a target to aim at.

The most common demotivator for staff is the lack of clear milestones so they can celebrate success and challenge weaknesses.



Everyone is responsible to inform management if they need training or resources to achieve goals.

Empower staff to take personal responsibility for their success by providing access to specific performance targets, reports and training required for their success.


Pillars of Talent Management

Compensation Management

Compensation Management includes a consistent, objective strategy to identify specific behaviors that are each employee's job to fulfill. An effective compensation plan also aligns staff behavior with key business drivers that define how each agency conducts business.

Attendance Management

Attendance Management includes timeliness as well as attendance. Complying with attendance standards must become an established part of each staff's job responsibility. This includes arriving to work on time and begin ready to work when the day begins.

Performance/Goal Management

Goals determine growth. No Goals. No Growth. The most common reason staff fail to achieve is the lack of goals requiring achievement. Goals must be objective, attainable and not optional. Goals without consequences are actually suggestions. Creating and maintaining goals is not "tough love". It is the only fair way to ask staff to achieve.

Reward & Recognition

All employees have the need for "Significance" and the need for 'Security". Effective Reward & Recognition speaks to both needs in a way that incents staff for excelling beyond the requirements of their compensation system. The greatest benefit of Reward & Recognition plans is the ability to steer the agency through the year by creating 30, 60 and 90 day R & R initiatives.

Learning & Development

Education is a benefit staff value because it is committed to their personal development both personally as well as professionally. While income is always important, effective Learning and Development opportunities have proven to often motivate staff more than money. Effective training includes industry/job related training as well as personal development.

Hiring & Recruiting

Effective talent management is the most cost effective way to become an "employer of choice". The "right people on the bus" are looking for a professional workplace with opportunities for income as well as recognition. Simply put, professional people only want to work in a professional workplace that has established business standards and a clear path for personal and professional growth.

Career Management

Creating a culture of ownership begins with getting the right people who are want a career rather than a job. An effective talent management plan provides a clear path for committed employees to pursue their personal career goals.


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