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My Free Protection Report

Over 40% of adults check their credit score on an annual basis; and that number climbs each year. The objective of the Protection Report is to take advantage of the value placed on a Credit Score to Protection Score.

Credit services such as Experion spend millions of dollars each year to educate adults on the importance of knowing their credit score. is designed to capitalize on the public's awareness of their credit score by introducing another score just as important - each person's unique Protection Score identifying how their lifestyle will be impacted when they run into something unexpected in life

A Personalized Protection Score Is The Perfect Way to Ask Customers and Prospects,
what they want their insurance to do for them so they will not have to worry about
"Living in a smaller house, Driving an older car or Living a lesser lifestyle because they run into something unexpected in life!"
  • No Contract!

  • Catalyst hosts the site including handling all changes!

  • Identify profitable customers by their desired Protection Score!

  • Schedule Account Reviews with your current customers!

  • Get the entire account rather than writing one policy at a time!


  • The visitor receives a Protection Score calculated based on the weight assigned to 17 protection-related questions.

  • The weight is based on possible impact of lack of protection as well as potential opportunity for new business.

  • Identify possible gaps in coverage by presenting a clear, real-world implication of what the right coverage can mean to each person's personal lifestyle.

The objective for is to get the entire account rather than the idea of getting a policy then going back later for other lines of business.

The message on the home page is that the visitor's "Protection Score" is just as important to their financial future as their "Credit Score".

Each agency:

  • Receives a website with:
    • their name in the url.
    • Their logo and contact information.
  • Contacts Catalyst with any changes.
    • Catalyst maintains the site and makes any changes needed at no additional cost.
  • Provides the email address where completed Protection Reports are sent.
    • Catalyst makes any changes at no additional cost.

In order to receive their Protection Score, the visitor answers 17 simple protection related questions. The objective for these questions is to:

  • Identify possible gaps in coverage.
  • Identify areas of protection where the customer is not sure whether or not they are protected.
  • Expand the role of protection to include identify theft and family disaster planning.
  • Provide your agent with valuable information needed to discover what the visitor wants their insurance to do for them.






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